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elegy for the bronze

The Bronze is dead. Long live the Bronze! More »

autologue: brief scottotian family history

There are no normal families. This I determined as I slowly learned more and more about my family history. I have a great family, but our history has many twists and turns... More »

autologue: as we go along

Alternating between a future perfect world where I know what I want and somehow manage to attain it, and the real world in which it all seems to be catching up to me at once, every idiotic decision, squandered opportunity, poor judgment call, honest mistake, cruel twist of fate. But as the song says: "Open your eyes, get up off your chair/there's so much to do in the sunlight..." More »

affected by.

A discussion of the vices and virtues of the Missouri-Synod Lutheran Church. Also, an inter-religious Brady Bunch is formed: Lutherans on one side, Catholics on the other. Yes, this is my past. More »

Movie Review: 'New York Minute'

Yes, I watched this film, in which Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen star as Jane and Roxy, two twins on the verge of adulthood who could not be more different (unless, of course, they had been fraternal twins instead). I learned several things, including the great put down, "I'm sorry, I didn't get your name… is it Loser?" More »

audition diary

I discover that a local theatre company I have never heard of is holding auditions for Into The Woods, one of three musicals i have always said i would drop anything to do. I immediately email the director and ask for an audition that Sunday. He signs me up... More »

It's Over

In my late twenties, I had the misfortune of attempting a dot-com start-up right as the bubble collapsed. The experience did not go well. As we were in the midst of our most painful death throes, I penned a missive to a site called Open Letters... More »

Scream Baby

Before webzines, the first digital attempts to create "zine" style content on the Internet were sent as email-zines; this one dates back to January 1993. As a piece of cultural perspective, it is interesting to see the "deer in headlights" attitudes of this zine's contributors, who see the coming onslaught of the net revolution before it has fully unfolded, and are more or less powerless to stop it. More »

An interview with Simon Emmerson of Afro Celt Sound System

The Afro Celts offer an exciting and unique blend of electronica with Irish and African vocals and influences. Here the band's founder, Simon Emmerson, discusses the evolution of the band's sound, how they came together, and what it's like hanging around in the halls of Real World Studios. More »

An interview with Mark Hosler of Negativland

Since 1980, Negativland have been at the forefront of underground audio collage, helping to establish it as a unique and legitimate genre. This is a chat with one of Negativland's founders, Mark Hosler, about advertising, corporate media, intellectual property issues, and reading other people's mail. More »

A micro-interview with Max Tundra

A micro-interview with techno wizard Max Tundra on the eve of the release of his third album, Parallax Error Beheads You - his first release in six long years. More »

An interview with Sonos

I practically fell out of my chair when I first heard the debut album by a new a cappella group called Sonos. More »

Book Reviews

Hey, I used to write book reviews, too. More »

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