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H.P. Lovecraft: Stand-Up Comedian!

Instead of expressing his terrifying vision of malevolent, eldritch gods via horror stories in the early twentieth century, H.P. ('Howie' to his friends) Lovecraft expresses his terrifying vision in the present day via stand-up comedy. But an ancient evil stirs beneath the sea— can Howie pull off one last sold-out gig before the human race is destroyed? More »

The Coffee Table

Seasons One, Two and Three of my epic sci-fi web series, The Coffee Table, are live on the internet! Enjoy 35 short episodes about a family who discover their coffee table is an ancient alien artifact that sends their house shooting through the void – with them inside it, of course. It's a bit like "Doctor Who meets The Greatest American Hero." More »

I have decided I am going to take some bath salts

As the bath salts craze hit its peak, I finally decided to learn how to make one of these videos. More »

intangible method

Please to enjoy this Ignite presentation of a "digital fairy tale," the story of a woman who discovers first-person video footage of her own life is being posted to YouTube from the future. Needless to say, "hijinks ensue." More »


My recent Ignite talk, CPU, was featured on the Ignite Show podcast. Please to enjoy! It is a cautionary tale about the dangers of modern neural malware. More »


During the recent Global Ignite Week, I performed what I believe to be the first ever Ignite theatre piece, in character as Harold Carlton, ball point pen designer AND PROTECTOR OF OUR WAY OF LIFE. More »

CHERUB: The Vampire With Bunny Slippers

CHERUB is a slapstick parody of Joss Whedon's ANGEL, an Internet video series about the adventures of Cherub, the vampire with bunny slippers, and his gang at Cherub Investigations - the aspiring actress Charity Case, the arcane expert Jasper Windham-Hill, the muscle man Roger Pipebomb, and the inter-dimensional traveler Barney. More »

Sleep Away!

Who doesn't need a good "aliens infiltrate our brains via drugs and turn us into zombies" movie? Witness the short film Sleep Away! More »

Make Art Not Content

An Ignite talk on the topic of Internet art - where it's been, where it's going, and more importantly, where it isn't going. When you're finished watching, go forth, feel clever, do something interesting! More »

WEDDING! The Musical

This is not your average wedding, nor your average wedding video. Mark Pesce was our emcee; Erik Davis was our officiant; and many of our closest friends from all over the country were on hand for singing, dancing, fireworks, and in the midst of all the mayhem, a bit of romance too. More »

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