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Drug Information Wants To Be Free

by Hagbard Celine

One year some friends and I pooled our money and bought an entire page of Seattle's only weekly newspaper, The Stranger, to do with as we see fit. They do an annual charity auction where they sell off parts of their paper to the highest bidder, you see, and donate the money to worthy local causes. We decided to multiply the gift by using our editorial page to promote Erowid; I wrote the piece, and to this day, that article on the Stranger's site apparently still helps generate donations. In turn, maybe you should check the article out and consider donating?

Note: the donation information archived on the Stranger site is no longer accurate; Erowid is now a legit 501(c)3 and can take donations all on its own. Please visit Erowid's donation page for up to date info - plus, you can get some pretty awesome Erowid schwag!

Drug Information Wants To Be Free
by Hagbard Celine

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