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Short Attention Span Fiction

inevitable slippery, falling not thinking

Date: Thu, 11 Jun 1998 20:56:10 -0700

the needle penetrates his skin easily, pumping him full of multiple cc's of a foreign, ghastly substance. human blood, now coursing through his veins. highly hallucinogenic. within moments, he feels his comfortable green skin beginning to peel away from the amorphous membrane that holds his brain in its sac of comfort and delight. his suckers begin to pulse as though a human heart were now beating inside of him; perhaps it is psychosomatic, tales of how that strange hydraulic organ pumps this wild hallucinogen throughout their tiny pink nubs. eventually, his suckers can no longer hold him down, and he begins to float freely, only the saliva tethers keeping him safely connected to the surface of the glans-body below.

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