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Fri, 05 Sep 1997 15:30:55 -0700

don't attack me. don't hurl accusations. don't take me for granted. don't exclude me. don't shout. don't push me. don't call me late late at night. don't complain. don't move. don't take what you can get from me. don't ignore me. don't stifle me. don't eat my life. don't steal my creativity. don't keep quiet. don't make me do all the work. don't swallow me whole. don't leave me. don't take that tone with me. don't suffocate me. don't presume you understand me. don't shut me out. don't react. don't enjoy your time without me. don't prioritize other things before me. don't lose me. don't leave me. don't chastise me. don't tell me i'm wrong. don't point out my flaws. don't assume anything. don't take me for granted. don't scream at me. don't slam doors. don't laugh at our situation. don't touch me. don't let go. don't breathe a sigh of relief. don't waste your time. don't fantasize about how it should have been. don't make a mistake. don't apologize. don't just sit there. don't expect any sympathy. don't give me any shit. don't argue with me. don't pray. don't condescend to me. don't take me for granted. don't talk to me about that right now. don't accept what you've been given. don't cry. don't tell me what to do. don't stare directly into the sun, and for god's sake, don't look at me like that. don't leave me. don't talk to me. go away, don't leave me. one hook here, one hook there, don't stop pulling til you've torn me completely apart. don't take the blame. don't blame me. don't speak unless you're spoken to, don't sing unless you're sung to, don't keep quiet, don't tell me what i don't want to hear. don't remind me. don't forget. don't let me kill myself softly, quietly. don't let me float away. don't let go of my hand. don't help me, i can do it alone. go away, don't leave me. don't exclude me. don't come near me. don't take without asking. don't wonder. don't pause. don't stop. don't stop. don't leave, and don't stop. i don't need you, i don't want you, and it doesn't matter if i love you. don't compromise. don't quit. don't give up. you give up too easily. don't give up. how dare you. don't take no for an answer. don't fight me. make me happy. don't leave me. make me feel better. don't confront me. don't invade my personal space. why are you always so quiet? don't make me do all the work. don't take me for granted. do not.

singing precious, overlooking the years, there's a storm coming, aye.

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