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Date: Tue, 04 Mar 1997 02:29:39 -0600

so these two guys walk into a bar, right? and the first guy says to the bartender, "gimme a cold fardel on the jingle jangles, eh?" to which the bartender replies, "huh?" so the first guy says, "a cold fardel on the jingle jangles! didn't you hear me the first time?" the bartender, stupefied, replies, "hey look, pal, i never heard of a cold fardel on the jingle jangles."

at this point, the second guy, in disbelief, says, "what? what kind of bartender do you call yourself, jerky?" he pulls out a big ol' hunting knife, the kind that rambo used to free those POWs, and sticks it right straight into the belly of that poor old bartender. that's when one of the waitresses leans over and says, "what the hell are you doing? ahhhhh! ahhhhhh!" and she screams and runs out.

this isn't a joke or anything. it's just another example of what can happen.

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