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After literally five years of neglect, I finally got around to replacing the old Scottoweb site. It was designed at a time when people still used frames, there was no CMS layer because they hadn't invented "blogging" yet, and also, I was just generally less of a person five years ago. Ah, but now..., thanks to James Kent and his Supermassive CMS (the same system that powers DoseNation, hence the similar layouts between the sites), five years of neglect have been erased in a matter of weeks. Thanks to the power of modern "content management," the curatorial team here at (led by the illustrious Andrea Change) has been able to put together the most elegant collection yet of Scottotian mayhem and arcanum.

Scottoweb is dead - long live the new!

Give yourself a quick tour around the site and let me know what you think. The home page will feature a rotating set of highlights from each of the site sections and other weird stuff, I'll post announcements, updates, and miscellaneous weirdness in the Blog, and the FAQ will clue you in on your RSS feed options. Get an account and leave comments willy-nilly if you like. The place is brand new; we need to kick some proverbial tires.

I can't thank James Kent enough for wrangling the back end and even slapping together the shiny header that sits atop this tower of shimmering artifacts dating all the way back to the very early '90s, and stretching to as recently as, quite literally, the last week. It all seems so very straightforward, now that I HAVE THE POWER AT MY FINGERTIPS. Or something. Seriously, he should package and sell this CMS thingie.

At any rate, thanks for dropping by!

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